What your eyes demand of you when playing sports is completely different to other environments.

That’s why I offer players of Middlesex County Cricket Club (and others) a sports vision test.

They are different to usual eye exam examinations.

A sports vision test is designed to measure an athlete’s ability to:

– quickly and accurately process visual information;
– track moving objects;
– and make split-second decisions.

The test will be different depending on the sport the athlete plays.

We identify weaknesses in their vision and brew an individual plan geared to help them improve their game.

It’s our way of helping local sports teams win more trophies!

With the talented Blake Cullen of Middlesex, who came in for some final tweaks for the season!

My name is Imranali and I care so much about people’s eyes that it’s all I talk about on LinkedIn. I started Infocus Opticians to help keep your eyes in peak condition.



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