From my earliest days in school in Kenya, I struggled with the glasses I was given. The service I received was lacking, and I never felt truly happy with my glasses.

But this experience inspired me to create something better to make a real difference in people’s lives.

And when the woman I married was an optometrist, it was the only sign I needed 🙂

Using a combination of her skillset and my business background, we built the ‘Infocus Experience’.

What’s the Infocus Experience?

It’s a move away from the ‘conveyor belt’ system. People come in, have their eyes tested, buy a pair of glasses and leave. It’s completely impersonal and devoid of human connection.

The Infocus Experience treats each person like family. You come in for a chat and a drink. We test your eyes, and we’ll give you solutions based on your lifestyle.

I’ve worn glasses/contact lenses literally all my life. I know the impact a good-quality pair of glasses or contact lenses has on one’s lifestyle and confidence.

My lived experience makes me want to ensure everyone receives the same.

Imranali Khaki



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