Silhouette Stylists

Stylish Austrian models and unrivalled rimless design

As Silhouette eyewear specialists, we are pleased to offer their elegant and flowing eyewear ranges to our patients. Silhouette is the number one rimless eyewear brand in the world.

With just one designer and five employees, Silhouette opened for business in 1964 with the intent of creating the best eyewear without focussing on trends and fashion. Their rimless eyewear aesthetics are made in Austria and are one of the most sought after rimless brands on the planet.

Silhouette create 3,000 different ideas for their rimless designs every year and line their halls with 20 internationally recognised design awards. Their eyewear ranges underscore natural beauty without covering or changing it.

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Weighing just 1.8 grams, Silhouette boast some of the world’s lightest rimless glasses and have even created lenses specifically designed for NASA space missions. Approximately 15,000,000 people around the world own or wear Silhouette eyewear.

Patients will be able to discuss their eyewear requirements with our friendly team. As Silhouette specialists, we will be able to find your ideal rimless eyewear.




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