Dry Eye Assessments

Over 70% of people suffer from treatable symptoms of dry eyes everyday. Common symptoms can include: gritty or itchy eyes, fluctuating vision, tired eyes during screen use, watery eyes and redness.

Dry eye disease has a myriad of causes.

With hundreds of different dry eye drops and wipes out there, it is difficult to know what you should be doing to help alleviate your symptoms.

Dry eye disease has a myriad of causes. These can be genetic, environmental, contact lens related, a result of blocked glands in the eye, an ocular side effect of some common systemic medications and sometimes can be secondary to an ocular infection.

Dealing with the problem
rather than just the symptoms

A generic treatment method may mask symptoms but will not fix the underlying issue. With an increasing amount of secondary complications arising from consistent and long term dry eye disease, we have decided to launch a dry eye clinic to solely deal with your specific dry eye concerns.

In your Dry Eye Assessment, our specialised optometrists will find the underlying cause of your issues and deal with the problem rather than just the symptoms. With a range of new innovative tests and treatments we will work with you to create a tailor-made management plan to ensure the continued health of your eyes.

New equipment and professional expertise

With new equipment such as Blephex and new professional expertise covering manual lid expression, duct syringing, punctal plugs, our dry eye specialists can deal with even severe cases of dry eyes in-house if needed.

  • Do you wake with blurry vision or sticky eyelids?
  • Do you constantly need to blink when using the screen?
  • Are you always rubbing or itching your eyes?
  • Are you regularly asked why you are crying?
  • Are you fed up of just being given eye drops by your optometrist or pharmacist?



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