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      • Ear wax removalHearing assessment

      Meet our expert Audiologist Laila

      Laila is our lead audiologist at Infocus Audiology, she studied at the University of Southampton, graduating with a Masters in Audiology (Healthcare Science), She has a breadth of experience in having worked in both the NHS hospitals and the private market .

      With a welcoming smile and bubbly personality, Laila enjoys looking after your ears and ensuring you are hearing well. Recreationally, Laila enjoys netball and swimming and her love for baked goods, particularly cinnabons, doesn’t go unnoticed.


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      ABOUT US

      Infocus is an independent family owned brand established in Eyecare and now Audiology, the health of your eyes and ears go hand in hand are essential to be looked after. At Infocus Audiology we specialise in comprehensive and detailed hearing test and earwax removal using industry standard micro-suction equipment. Our fully qualified audiologist, Laila, is experienced and more than happy to look after your ears!

      Book your FREE hearing assessment

      Come in and see Laila for a comprehensive hearing assessment and check up!

      Whether you are feeling a build up of ear wax or discomfort, our ear wax removal would be greatly beneficial. It is common knowledge that cotton buds often make things worse and are not recommended.

      Similarly, techniques such as syringing are often accompanied with side effects such as vertigo, ear infections and cause great discomfort. That’s why at Infocus Audiology we specialise in micro-suction, a painless, comfortable and effective way to keep your ears clean. It is a 30 minute appointment, where our expert audiologist will carefully go through the various steps involved in safely removing your earwax and returning you the comfort in your ears and bringing you back to the hearing world.

      Our hearing assessment is comprehensive and includes Pure Tone Audiometry with Air-Conduction and Bone-Conduction testing.

      We test your hearing at multiple frequencies in order to paint a detailed picture of your hearing level.

      Should there be any indication of hearing loss, through the detailed and thorough assessment we will be able to identify the exact location of the hearing loss and advise you on the best course of action!

      hearing aids

      We offer outstanding hearing aids from top leading manufacturers such as Signia and Phonak, pop into the store to find out how we can find the right hearing aids for you.


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        • Ear wax removalHearing assessment

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